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      1. 2021-04-19

        Xieneng Technology Debuted at ESIE2021,Focusing on “Double Carbon”,Win-win with “CORE”

        The 10th Energy Storage International Summit & Exhibition (ESIE 2021) was held in Beijing from 14-16th April,2021. Xieneng Technology was invited to participate in the summit as an innovative leader in energy strotage BMS, focuing on the new strategy of […]

        Xieneng Introduces The First Chip-level High-performance Bi-directional BMS Active Equalization Technology

        The core technology of the battery management system,the chip technology,is in our own hands,to create our own"BMS chinese core"is the original intention of the founding of Hangzhou Xieneng Technology.   In 2013,Xieneng's independently developed bi-directional DC-DC based consistency algorithm active […]

        Helping to Successfully Power Up the World’s Largest Single Onshore Wind Project

        At 10:38pm on 24th Dec.,2020, after 15-month of construction and overcoming difficulties sucha as severe weather and cold, the first turbine of the 6 million kilowatt demonstration project of Ulanqab Wind Power Base Phase 1 successfully generated electricity, marking the […]