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      1. 2021-09-25

        Xieneng Technology Awarded 2020 WWF Outstanding Climate Solver

        22-24/9/2021, the "Mission Zero 2021 International Climate Summit" was held at the Phoenix Centre in Beijing, hosted by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Phoenix TV, with the participation of the UK as the Chair of the 26th […]

        Secretary of Jingdezhen City High-tech District Visited Xieneng Technology

        5/9/2021, Wenjun Luo, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jingdezhen City,High-tech District; Min Cai, Director of Finance Bureau of High-tech District,; Juan Liu, Director of Investment Promotion Bureau of High-tech District and other leaders visited Xieneng Technology.   Wilson […]

        Xieneng Technology Received “2021 Best BMS Supplier Award” in China’s Energy Storage Industry

        24/5/2021, the 11th China International Energy Storage Conference (CIES 2021), hosted by the China Industrial Association of Power Sources (CIAPS) was held at the intercontinental Hotel Hangzhou. As benchmark enterprise in the domestic BMS industy, Xieneng Technology was invited to […]