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      1. 2021-12-24

        Xieneng Technology is Selected as One Of The MIIT’S Gradient Utilization Enterprises

        23/12/2021,in the Announcement No.40 issed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China,Hangzhou Xieneng Technology's subsididary Hangzhou Anying Technology Co.,Ltd.was selected as one of the enterprises on the list of "New Energy Vehicle Waste Power Battery Comprehensive Utilization […]

        Xieneng Technology Honored with “2021 China Science and Technology Good Company Award”

        5/12/2021, Shanghai Press-Science and Technology Board Daily, in collaboration with CLS.cn,released the list of "2021 China's Best Companies in Science and Technology" after three months of scanning the primary market for quality companies in the hard technology track. Hangzhou Xieneng […]

        Xieneng Technology Shines at 8th GES

        11/10/2021,The grand opening of The 8th Global Solar and Energy Storage Coference & Expo (GES 2021) was successfully held in Wuxi Taihu International Expo Centre. The theme of the conference was "Adhering to the national 3060 dual carbon target,creating a […]